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CPD for charity trustees made easy

Written by: Kristina Kopic, Head of Charity and Voluntary Sector, ICAEW
Published on: 3 Jan 2024

You may have a few new year’s resolutions already, and I’d encourage you to get the year off to a good start by incorporating CPD in your goals. Find out how the new CPD regulations affect you and create a plan to help you spread your required CPD hours across the CPD year (which ends 31 October 2024).

Voluntary work can come with significant responsibilities. Charity trustees, for example, are responsible for deciding how a charity is run and may be known by other titles, such as governors, directors or board members.
While change is not always easy, it is our mission to make ICAEW’s new requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as simple as possible for you. CPD does not need to be taxing or costly. Here is a guide for how to meet your CPD goals for 2024 and document your learning throughout the year.

Setting your CPD goals

When I decide on my CPD goals, I like to start with a reflective exercise which usually goes hand-in-hand with setting work objectives for the year ahead. If you have been an ICAEW member for a while, you will be familiar with starting your CPD year by identifying gaps in your skills and knowledge, including any learning and development needs that may impact your role.

In addition, you will now need to understand how many verifiable and other CPD hours you will need to complete and document. Read our guidance on who needs to comply with the new CPD regulations and use our CPD self-assessment tool to find out what your specific requirements are.

If you are a charity trustee, it is important that you to understand your legal trustee responsibilities and to keep up-to date with developments that impact these responsibilities.

We understand that, as a volunteer, you want this to be free of charge and not too time-consuming, so we have developed an hour-long, free CPD course for charity trustees (to watch on demand).

If the course prompts you to delve deeper and you want to learn how you can be more effective in your role, I’d encourage you to also complete our free Trustee Training Modules (e-learning). We updated the training on 1 November 2023 to introduce more interactivity and quizzes to make the training more engaging. On completion of the training, you will gain a certificate if you complete the final assessment successfully.

Documenting your CPD activities

Don’t forget to document your CPD activities. You can choose to record your CPD in any way that suits you, but, to make the process as easy as possible, ICAEW has created a new online CPD record which you can access through your member dashboard.

Using our new digital tools, you can easily add ICAEW learning activities to your online CPD record. 

Training throughout the year

If you are passionate about learning and would like to connect with other volunteers and charity-finance professionals, make sure you join our Charity Community.

It provides regular CPD-eligible webinars and events. Most of these are free to ICAEW members and Community subscribers.

Our upcoming virtual Charity Conference (18 and 19 January 2024) provides over 7.5h of verifiable CPD, providing you can demonstrate that the content is relevant to your role. All the sessions are recorded, so you can choose to attend live or watch the sessions on demand later.

If you watch the recordings of previous webinars, you can still verify your CPD by completing our CPD verification form – the link is available on the right-hand side of the recordings in our ‘webinar library’.

We also circulate a monthly Community newsletter to keep you up to date with developments throughout the year – you can still find most articles here. Hopefully, by making CPD part of your new year’s resolutions, you will find that, by October 2024, you have completed and documented all your CPD activities already.