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Have you thought about mentoring an ACA student?

Written by: Katherine Rose
Published on: 21 Feb 2023

ICAEW are looking for your support in virtually mentoring an ACA student.

This new programme is based on creating a one-to-one relationship between you and an ACA student. You’ll act as a peer to a student offering 2-3 hours of your time each month to provide advice and extra guidance on key areas such as career direction and work-life balance (i.e. not exam support). As a mentor you will support the student in their professional journey and pass on of support, guidance and advice. It can provide support to an individual, helping them to manage their career and improve skills. As one prospective mentee told us “as a student in industry, my working knowledge of accountancy is rather specific to the energy market and business partnering, which feels quite distant to much of my studies. I am hoping that with a mentor outside of my company, I can develop a wider view of the accountancy profession.

ICAEW member Gino Zabeo says “I signed up to help people who were at a particularly critical starting point in their professional career. I met with my mentee virtually and started sharing my experiences with them.

How does it work?

Eligibility: You don’t need any mentoring or coaching experience to get involved - you will have access to mentoring resources to help you along the way and how to manage the mentoring sessions.

Time Commitment: How many students you would like to mentor is up to you. You will start with one student and you can change this anytime to suit your workload and commitments.

The Matching Process: We have partnered with Guider, a mentoring platform, to facilitate the matching progress. You will build your own profile and select areas of support you feel comfortable giving. Guider will match you with a mentee against these areas. Once a potential mentee has been matched, they will reach out to you through the platform to set up an introduction session.

If you're interested in becoming a mentor, please register your interest online or contact Katherine Rose.