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Join the Volunteering Community

Written by: Kristina Kopic
Published on: 21 Jan 2021

group of people networking at ICAEW


Charities are an intrinsic and highly valued part of British society and culture but without trustees they could not exist. The role of a charity trustee can be challenging and also incredibly rewarding, giving you the opportunity to enhance your skills, explore new environments, and help promote your own well-being - all whilst serving a cause that aims to make the world better for others.

This year, many charities had to adapt their service delivery and operations, and re-think their business model, budget, and strategy because of the COVID crisis. Therefore, it is even more important to recognise and celebrate the enormous contribution of charity trustees to society. At ICAEW, we know that our members have skills that are highly transferable and beneficial to the charity sector. That’s why we have a Community dedicated to volunteering which offers trustee training and insurance for all UK volunteering activities.