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c/o Hackney Museum
E8 1GQ
United Kingdom

Xenia is a grassroots charity on a mission to create more inclusive, equal and welcoming communities. Founded in 2016, we deliver weekly workshops in Hackney, London and Sheffield which enable women to connect, share and learn from each other.

Participants are at the heart of the Xenia community. Migrant, refugee, asylum seeking and British women come together as active equals at our workshops to connect, share and learn. Together we create a community that supports practising spoken English, reduces social isolation, connects different cultures, and gives underrepresented women access to civic and democratic opportunities to make their voices heard.

As an organisation Xenia is non-hierarchical and participatory, meaning decisions are made collectively and proactively informed by participant involvement. The charity is run by Trustees, who provide strategic direction and financial oversight, as well as the volunteer-led Organising Team and small staff team. We are a young and ambitious organisation, and we aspire to develop and grow in a way that is both sustainable and true to our values.

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